On to 0.0.5!

A few weeks ago I rolled out 0.0.4, which demonstrates many of the game creation/joining features that can be expected in the final version. I got a fair amount of good feedback, and I will use 0.0.5 as an opportunity…Continue Reading →

The API, Part I

Every now and then I’ll throw in notes about the technology behind dipl.io. Back in October, I opted to process data through a RESTful API done in Express. ‘Opted’ isn’t even the word, because it didn’t even get a second…Continue Reading →

Release Notes, 5.6.2015

What a week! The open games list is running. It looks great on the browser and mobile. Email notification preparations. The judge, which is the server module responsible for processing orders, has been worked on for the first time in five (!)…Continue Reading →

The Road to 1.0

It’s staring at you on every dipl.io page: that version number in the footer. Long and preceded by many zeroes, it doesn’t inspire much confidence. With a version number like that, the app’s going to set itself on fire, amirite? Well, yes…Continue Reading →