Unit Tests

I am proud to say that, of the goals written up on day one of the project, all are met or have their prerequisites met. Wait…? The project will be fully unit-tested. (This is for my own good and reparations…Continue Reading →

Green Lock Day

The day I’ve been waiting for for a full year has arrived. The biggest limitation staring me in the face as I developed has always been transactional security. If I can’t guarantee what you’re receiving is from me and vice-versa,…Continue Reading →

Node 4

How does NodeJS count to 4? 0.8, 0.10, 0.12, 4. Why, how do you do it? Node (the ‘server’ of dipl.io) and npm (the package manager handling dipl.io’s many third-party dependencies) released major versions alongside each other. Node 4 increases support for…Continue Reading →

Yo, where mah dipl.io at?

Been quiet lately, hasn’t it? Keeping this joint updated can be hard sometimes. There are plenty of reasons: Metal Gear Solid 5. Curse you, addictive base building mechanics! I’m actually writing code. dipl.io is quite alive! More about that in…Continue Reading →


I’m back from vacation and ready to make this the release that stands out as the Diplomacy interface to top the rest. Incoming GitHub tickets are now flagged with milestones so release goals are clearer to everyone. First on the docket:…Continue Reading →