New landing page

For nigh on two years (!) has had a vacuum greeting people. Two buttons on top, version number on the bottom, nothing in between. Way to say hello to your guests! Today I added a new landing page. What I…Continue Reading →

0.0.6 released 0.0.6 has been released. It contains no new user-facing features, and yet it’s the biggest change yet. We’ve migrated from one database (MongoDB) to another one I feel more comfortable troubleshooting and developing (PostgreSQL). If you see something awry, please…Continue Reading →

Transitioning databases

I’m damn insane, I’ll tell you what. That, or I obey trends way too closely. Five years ago, the MEAN stack (MongoDB + ExpressJS + AngularJS + NodeJS) was the thing. Developing a Node backend with any other database/server was seen as using a…Continue Reading →

Version 0.0.5 released has achieved playability and has earned the 0.0.5 version! Game creation, move input, accurate adjudication, it’s all there. Compared to 0.0.4, which lasted nine months or more, 0.0.5 will be comparatively quick on the road to 0.1. The goal is…Continue Reading →


Everyone needs someone to remind you your works can be used for evil. Yesterday I sifted through results of emails sends out. Interestingly, requested a ridiculous number of email verifications. At some point had had enough and blocked…Continue Reading →