dipl.io 1.0 Released

IT’S HERE! dipl.io 1.0 is released.

I started dipl.io late October 2014 (!). Its goal was lofty, perhaps too lofty: write a complete front-end and server from scratch to handle web requests and adjudicate games. I got close to that goal, but teaming up with diplicity was the right decision to get this app out and publicised.

So what now? I’m establishing a new workflow to maintain quality control.

  • Changes will be tied to GitHub tickets. No ticket, no code.
  • Versioned releases will be made up of tickets.
  • A new changelog will contain autogenerated release notes.

This all starts now, with a planned 1.0.1 release. It will have important fixes (if any are needed), quick improvements, and the like.

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