History Major: A brief focus on completed games

Developing dipl.io with a low profile creates a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. There are no active or past games to demo, so prospective users remain wary of joining, and understandably so.

That barrier needs to be broken down. It is time to prove dipl.io is just about ready. Over the next few days I’ll be importing over 5,000 completed games, courtesy of droidippy’s author zond. As it stands, all games and their seasons would render correctly…were you able to find them. After this bulk import I’ll work to create a searchable database of completed games.

2 Responses to “History Major: A brief focus on completed games”

  1. Joey KL says:

    Just wanted to say that I stumbled upon this project recently, and as someone who is a big fan of Diplomacy, online Diplomacy, and Diplomacy variants, I’m excited to follow the site’s development.

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