A note to game joiners

I see a few games are approaching their starting points, which is great. I am hauling ass to have everything ready before a seventh player joins. Players should keep in mind a few things:

  • Until dipl.io hits version 0.1, I do not assert a game can be played to completion. The things preventing that at this time are convoys, retreat seasons, and build seasons.
  • If a game starts before these things are ready, I will rewind back to Spring 1901 at version 0.1.
  • If the app is complete but a crippling bug breaks the state of the game, please file a bug and I will handle it.
  • I encourage you to find ways of exploiting weaknesses in the app if you report them to me. Such flaws include other players’ data or moves, pages you weren’t made to see, etc.


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