Design advice from sandwiches

Getting a proper font has been on my long to-do list for awhile. The default font Roboto Sans used by Angular Material has all the excitement and class of Wonder Bread. Just as it takes me an hour to choose between two brands of olive oil, I anticipated taking months to choose a proper font.

In the end, though, all it took was advice from a sandwich company. Jersey Mike’s website—built with the Angular Ionic framework, which I know because I checked—uses a font called Lato. I found it light, unintrusive, and tasteful, so I took their passive advice and used it myself. I think the change is for the better. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Design advice from sandwiches”

  1. Boop de Doop says:

    It isn’t bad. It certainly *looks* modern. Readable, too.

    But I wouldn’t use it as the default font for the whole site. Instead, might I suggest that you use a typewriter font instead? Especially when sending/receiving messages. It’d fit in very well with the early 1900s aesthetic of Diplomacy.

    As for the typewriter font, I recommend using Input []. It’s readable, fairly modern, and it isn’t monospaced like other typewriter fonts.

    Here’s a PNG of with Input as the default font on game creation:

    I think it looks pretty spiffy.

  2. spamguy says:

    Sorry, could’ve sworn I approved this weeks ago.

    I definitely don’t want to use it consistently across the whole site: I quickly swapped out the default font with Lato and what you see is the result. I am all for bringing in a typewriter font, particularly as a header style. The ‘logo’ was a quick effort at experimenting. It both represents the typewriter communication of 1900 and symbolises the ‘dirtiness’ of gameplay. Does it work as a web font? Not really.

    Thanks for the suggestions. You clearly put a lot of effort into making them and that means a lot.

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