dipl.io 1.0 Released

IT’S HERE! dipl.io 1.0 is released. I started dipl.io late October 2014 (!). Its goal was lofty, perhaps too lofty: write a complete front-end and server from scratch to handle web requests and adjudicate games. I got close to that goal,…Continue Reading →

dipl.io 1.0GM released

The last planned commit to dipl.io’s core functionality has been made. All features necessary for a complete game of Diplomacy should be present and working. Barring emergency changes I will package this as 1.0 in a few days.


Now that dipl.io is in cahoots with Diplicity (the successor to Droidippy), it will be possible to play the same games on both Android and your favourite web browser. There are still significant gaps in dipl.io’s feature set that prevent…Continue Reading →

Updates, Week of 2.16.2017

We’re so close! Games are mostly playable from beginning to end on desktop and mobile. A huge list of improvements made this possible: Order button icons are distinct and (hopefully) clear. The rendering of dislodged units, plus build and disband…Continue Reading →

Aaaaand we’re back

While migrating to a new server I made restoring this blog a lower priority, causing several months of downtime. Sorry about that! A shame, too, because there has been a major shakeup. dipl.io is no longer aiming to be an end-to-end solution,…Continue Reading →

Update: Game archive

The process for converting text file archives of Diplomacy games into dipl.io games is set in stone at this point. The results are outstanding. A processed game demonstrates the good, but more importantly, the bad. On one hand, maps are taking…Continue Reading →